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Art of evolfleS

Inner-lifestyle art with an inspirational message

inside the art

 Art of evolfleS is "inner-lifestyle" art inspired by my experience in Selflove. Selflove is my way of life. You may spell it Self-Love or Self Love, but I spell it Selflove, because it's not the traditional idea of acting a particular way toward oneself, it's a state of being. A spiritual practice that informs every thought, every feeling, every action, and every word. 

"Your Majesty"

In both the game of chess and the game of life, the Queen is MVP. She is the most powerful and active in the game. This "piece" represents power, appreciation, and gratitude for the female.  


"heart of rose gold"

Love is valuable, and Selflove is IN-valuable. A heart of rose gold is a symbol of Selflove. A Love that only flows in one direction, from the inside out. Every expression of Love is an expression of Selflove. 

Virtually every piece creatively incorporates a heart and rose quartz (Selflove stone). The rose quartz is how I mark my art, it's literally my Selflove signature. This is dimensional art you can feel, physically and spiritually. I translate an IN-visible experience onto a canvas with texture, color, and shape. 

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