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a selflove story


Maurice Hunter

My life has been dedicated to demonstrating and sharing Selflove for many years.  I wrote my young daughter a letter over 10 years ago to share ideas of self-value and self-empowerment along with my Love for her. During the process I discovered the Love within myself, Selflove. Shortly after, I began a Selflove journey. Today, Selflove is my way of life. A spiritual practice. Over the years I have started an inner-lifestyle brand called, evolfleS. We use strategic collaboration to creatively share ideas that promote the creation of a high quality life experience. 

I also write about Selflove. I've written articles and an independently published book called, ANOTHER DAY IN SELFLOVE. This book was a collaboration with photographer Jim Clark. I currently have several other books with a core message of Selflove soon to be published and released.  

I started creating art with the intention of simply having a new method of expressing Selflove. The ideas kept coming and the pieces kept accumulating. After nearly 100 pieces in my home, it became time to share the art/message. 

Virtually every piece incorporates a heart and rose quartz (the Selflove stone). Selflove is how I sign every piece, therefore, rose quartz represents my signature. Art of Selflove has little to do with me, but everything to do with Selflove.  

Peace & Selflove!



To find out more about the book or purchase a copy click the link below. 

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